Turning despair into hope

The Fair Family

Mark Fair's Story

Learn more about the extraordinary life lived by a young man who brought love and light to all those he was around.

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Mark's sister, Alison Fair

Mark's Sister while only 12 at the time of her older brothers passing she has taken the traumatic pain and her brother's story, to directly affect change and hopefully save lives who may be in a similar situation as her or her brother, Mark.

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Rev. Ronald Fair

Ronald Fair is the father of Mark, Alison, and Carl. He gave the Sermon at his son's service and is now dedicated to helping those going through the same obstacles his son, and millions more of us face.

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Marcia Fair

Marcia, Mother of Mark, Alison, and Carl is a loving mother who like the rest of her family went through an tragic hour of pain and the whole family with Marcia's help have began working to spread the story of Mark and figuring out solutions to this epidemic.

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Mark's brother, Carl

Carl and his wife were heavily effected by the lose of his younger brother Mark. He has committed his career to social work in Iowa, and Oregon and, much like the rest of his family they have both began working to spread their families story and try to communicate that none of us are alone.

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