Turning despair into hope

About Suicide

"Suicide is not Chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping"

More people die in America from suicide than from Homicide. Every day approximately 786 Americans commit Suicide, and 1,500 people attempt suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for peoples ages 15 to 24 and rates are highest among people over the age of 65. with all of this tragic information it can be hard to feel as though anything can be done about this epidemic. But, there is hope by sharing our stories with each other, being receptive, and having the hard conversations we can pull people up who may be considering suicide. It is our hope that by sharing this information it may help you, help someone else. First it is crucial to understand the warning signs.

  1. Abrupt changes in personality.

  2. Giving away prized possessions.

  3. A previous suicide attempt.

  4. Ending a romance and cutting off friendships.

  5. Aggression or frustration daily.

  6. Use of Drugs/Alcohol

  7. Significant weight changes.

  8. Sleeping pattern changes.

  9. withdrawal from family.

  10. Unusually long grief periods.

  11. Unwillingness or inability to communicate.

  12. Extreme or extended boredom

  13. Inability to concentrate.

  14. Trauma, emotional or physical.

  15. Talking/Joking about committing suicide .

  16. Unusual neglect of appearance.

  17. Family disturbances.

  18. Unusually hostile behavior.

  19. Preoccupation with themes of death.

  20. Repetitive Psychosomatic complaints.