About the Foundation

Get Help

Don't keep your feelings on the inside reach out so those who care can help. Reach out and share your story because you are not alone.

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Donate today

Help us by donating to our foundation to 1.) spread the message 2.) create a community support system and 3.) make resources for those who are suicidal or those of us who have a loved one suffering from this obstacles.

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"Struck by a Demon"

The Story of Mark Fair is one that should be shared to hopefully save lives all across the world and make those considering suicide realize they are not alone and, that help is available for us all.

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The Fair Family

The story of Mark is only truly understood by getting to know the family he left behind, the effect it has had on them, and how they have moved forward to make the best of a tragic situation.

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About Suicide and those at risk

Knowing the signs of depression and, the signs of someone considering suicide can literally be the difference between life and death for your loved ones.

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Share your story today

You can reach out to us and share your story if you think it might help another person, step away from suicide and overcome depression.

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Our Foundation was created out of a tragedy that struck our family and, strikes over 44,000 families in the U.S. We are determined to get a message out there to normalize the hard conversations required to help someone realize suicide is not their only way out. If you know someone suffering from depression or think they may be considering suicide doing nothing is not an option, reach out, validate their experience, and most importantly communicate that there is help for them in the world and people who are going through similar experiences.


Do not wait until you are overwhelmed, if you are someone you know may be considering suicide call the Nation Suicide Prevention Hotline today to hopefully save a life.