Turning despair into hope

Mark's Story


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"I’m 21 And

Out of Here

The Hell, Honor And

Despair Of Youth Suicide"

Written and Narrated By Dr. Ronald L. Fair

Hey, Hi my name is Mark I am going to share my story with help of my dad.  I checked out at the age of 21 while a student at the University in Flagstaff, Arizona.  It’s not a pretty picture it is sad I was stuck by a demon of depression that blinded me honestly, I could not see mom my 12 year old sister or my dad. I am hoping that my story will stop you and your family from the pain I sent my family and my friends.  I’ve been gone quite a while now but right now there is a epidemic of death, touching kids, teens, college students military guys and gals,  and grandma and grandpas and of yes moms and dads to.  There is a tornado of pain that touches the rich and the poor, the religious, the non-religious, the stressed, the wicked, the kind, the generous and the selfish.  Yes it touches every part of America.  


Let me tell you quickly about me.  I was born in Tucson Arizona My mom a famous artist and my dad a loyalist I had a older brother cad, and late on my sister Alison was born.  I can’t believe the awful pain and my checking out caused.  I grew up as a pretty happy kid, I had asthma, they gave me lots of medicine, maybe some of those added to my meeting the demon of darkness.  I don't know my dad has told many people that my whole family and my friends will all live and die less happy than they once were.  As I said my name is Mark Adam.  My mom and dad got the name mark from the mark in the new testament,  in fut Mark was my dad’s favorite gospel.  If I seem to be rambling, this is a little hard to do. My dad has to fill in some of the blanks, if you know what I mean.


As I said I was 21 and attending my senior year in college when I checked out of my earthly future I don’t want to brag but I won many awards in high school and became the president of my fraternity in college.


I had computer problems, my dad bought me another, I had a beautiful girlfriend, and things happened.

I loved Dinosaurs, owned dozens of books, loved stuff about aliens also.  I hit it hard, a professor told me that there was no money in hunting Dinosaurs and, that I was wasting my time. That set me back.  I hosted a party  and the property people froze my credit card.  My Fiancé and I broke up out of the blue one Friday night.  I went to a target store, got some tape and a hose and decided to check out could not see the future.

I taped the hose to my little red pickup you know the rest.  STOP!! Don’t think about it please don’t mess over your friends and family like I did. Can you imagine what it was like for my dad to find me lying on the seat of my truck dead?  Can you imagine what it was like when he had to call my mom, and then my mom having to tell my 12 year old sister and then dad having to call my brother and then his large church family? Oh yea there was stuff I had an alien website and a woman  in my dad’s church tried to get him fired, because of that I had to take it down oh yea another obstacle for sure in my happiness. But, if I would have made just one more call or reached out too one more person I might still be alive WOW.  My dad is right I was struck by a demon of depression.  Oh if I would have only known but no, I was unable to see my dad, mom, sister, brother, my dogs my friends, my fiancé, my trophies, my truck, my future my church or Lord Jesus. 

I was struck by a demon. It was like a black sheet of darkness; was thrown over my mind. Yeah, I can’t talk much about my early years, 1978 was the big year – My dad and mom loved me.

My dad and mom had an animal ranch in Tuscan, Arizona called Cricket Ranch.

Mom had the business and dad traveled a lot for business and my dad traveled a lot for business and speaking gigs. They both loved auctions and they liked to take me to Phoenix with them when it was auction time and, I would buy my own baby pigs and take them to the ranch.

Well a lot went on in 21 years – but that’s all over now.

So my family and my dad’s friends have created this foundation hoping to stop you or your friends or family from checking out and leaving a pile of pain behind.

Believe me – I hope it helps – good luck!

Oh and one more thing as Dad says, call someone right now if your thinking you’re still alive.